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Three years ago I wrote my first post for this blog. To celebrate this occasion – the third blogiversary as it is referred to by bloggers – I thought you might benefit from a list of the 25 most read articles. I have also installed this list on the sidebar if you wish to revisit it in the future.

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And here, three years in the making, is the list of the 25 most read articles:

01. sullivan4-10-1
Luc Delahaye, Taliban Soldier, 2002

1. Post-Mortem Photography is Alive
A brief historical overview of port-mortem photography and how it ostensibly relates to images of death encountered in various photographic genres such as art photography or photojournalism.

02. pour_it_out_rihanna_video_main
Rihanna, Pour It Up, 2013

2. The Pornofication of the Female Pop Star
Despite only being published two weeks ago, this post has quickly become the second read most post of all time. The article investigates the emergence of a hyper sexualized image amongst female pop stars such as Miley Cyrus, Rihanna or Lady Gaga.

03. Nagashima-Yurie-postcard-small-e1295981450305
Yurie Nagashima, Kazoku, 1993

3. The Many Bodies of Yurie Nagashima
This article investigates the provocative photographic works of the Japanese artist Yurie Nagashima. Nagashima rose to fame in the mid-1990s with photographs that appear to subvert stereotypical representations of the female body in Japanese visual culture. This article is the follow-up post to The Family Photos of Yurie Nagashima which is at number six on this list.

04. OriginalDogging4-e1319459554913
Kohei Yoshiyuki, The Park, 1971-1979

4. Voyeurism and Appropriation in Kohei Yoshiyuki’s ‘The Park’
An article which considers the well-known photographic series ‘The Park’ by the Japanese photographer Kohei Yoshiyuki in relation to Japanese art of the 1970s and more recent appropriations in Western visual culture.

05. 1101120521_600
Are you mom enough?, Time Magazine cover, May 2012

5. Breaking the Image of Mother and Child
An attempt to deconstruct the controversial TIME Magazine cover which depicts a woman breastfeeding her three-year old child.

06. Nagashima-Yurie-Family-Portrait-small
Yurie Nagashima, Family Portraits, 2002

6. The Family Photos of Yurie Nagashima
A closer look at the controversial photographs of the Japanese artist Yurie Nagashima and how they relate to the family photograph. In her works, Nagashima appears to question preconceived assumptions about the photograph as a medium which reinforces familial relationships. This post is associated with The Many Bodies of Yurie Nagashima which is at number three on tis list.

07. screen-shot-2010-08-18-at-134138-635x419
Hipster photograph found by searching Google Images with keywords ‘Hipster’ and ‘Photography’

7. What is hipster photography?
Even though this post has been published in the last few days, it has already entered this lost of most read articles. The article seeks to define ‘hipster photography’ in relation to the rise of social media and the performance as well as construction of identities.

08. 166774
Laurel Nakadate, Oops!, 2000

8. Laurel Nakadate’s Controlled Voyeurism
This post functions as an overview on the works of the American photographic artist Laurel Nakadate. In her works, Nakadate construct various scenarios (many of which with a sexual subtext) that interrogate the complex relationship between looking and being looked at.

09. 6a00d8341c730253ef0147e36f3f7b970b-800wi
Image from Tubecrush.net

9. Voyeurism, Fantasy and the Anonymous Subway Photographer
This article considers the British website tubecrush.net which allows anonymous users to submit photographs of handsome young men using the underground, or the Tube, in London. The article relates this highly voyeuristic photography to number of photographers who have produced works in similar settings.

10. img155-e1294575851696
Perfume ad with Jennifer Aniston

10. The Perfume Ad Formula
A visual analysis of various celebrity endorsed perfume ads which appear to follow a very strict visual formula.

11. 5680724572_d4696d593d_b-e1304767012297
The Situation Room Photograph, 2011

11. Deconstructing the Situation Room Photograph
A close reading of one of the most iconic images of recent times which shows Barack Obama and his advisors watching the capture of Osama bin Laden via videolink in the so-called Situation Room.

12. september-9-11-attacks-anniversary-ground-zero-world-trade-center-pentagon-flight-93-woman-dust_39998_600x4501
Stan Honda’s photograph of the ‘Dust Lady’

12. The Dust Lady of 9/11
A reading of the haunting image of a woman covered in dust and debris after the attacks on September 11th.

13. nosupport__1217625913_4254-1
Michele McDonald, Rakan in military hospital in Germany, 2011

13. Photojournalism, Ethics and the Afterlife of a Photograph
The haunting story of an Iraqi boy who has survived an incident in which his parents were accidentally killed at US checkpoint. This article is the follow-up post to Photojournalism, Ethics and a Trail of Blood which looks at photographs by the late Chris Hondros who covered the original checkpoint incident.

Satomi Shirai, untitled

14. Contortionism in the photographs of Satomi Shirai
A essay on the photographic works of the Japanese photographer Satomi Shirai.

15. weegee06_8-741x950
Weegee, The Gold Painted Stripper, 1950

15. Weegee, Vice and Voyeurism
A close reading of Weegee’s well-known photograph ‘Gold Painted Stripper’.

Banned American Apparel ads, 2012

16. Banning the ‘Amateurish’ American Apparel Ads
This post considers American Apparel’s provocative advertising campaign and the recent phenomenon in which ads were banned because the photographs appeared too ‘amateurish’.

17. t03_RTX103XA-e1370257061277
Taken from Occupy Gezi Facebook page. Also used by Reuters, 2013

17. The Woman in the Red Dress
A close reading of the now iconic image of a young Turkish woman who is sprayed with pepper spray from close range at the recent protests in Istanbul.

18. test
James Nachtwey for Vogue Magazine

18. The Perversity of Propaganda
This post considers a public relations disaster in which Vogue Magazine commissioned the well-regarded photojournalist James Nachtwey to depict Asma Assad, the wife of the Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, in a favourable light. Since the bloody civil war in Syria, these images have disappeared from the Vogue website.

19. sh_14215583-e1328911362747
Samuel Aranda, World Press Photo of 2011

19. So that others can be free
A visual analysis of the World Press Photo award winning photograph of 2011 produced by the Spanish photojournalist Samuel Aranda.

The moment Ceaucescu notices hissing in the crowd, 1989

20. The Lost Camera in Ceausescu’s Final Speech
As pointed out above, this article is the very first post I wrote for this blog exactly three years ago. The article investigates Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu’s final speech and an impending visuality of crisis before he was executed on Christmas day in 1989.

21. hs05-e1347960674472
Maki Miyashita, Heya To Shitagi (Tokyo: Shogakukan, 2000)

21. Ten Japanese Photobooks
As part of the exhibition 10×10 Japanese Photobooks, I have been invited to select ten Japanese photobooks which were featured in an online space in the run-up to the exhibition.

22. Hisaji-Hara-A-Study-of-The-Room-2009.-Courtesy-of-Michael-Hoppen-Gallery-e1331742829648
Hisaji Hara, A Study of ‘The Room’, 2009

22. Voyeurism in the photographs of Hisaji Hara
A close look at the photographic works by the Japanese artist Hisaji Hara and who they relate to notions of voyeurism and the paintings of French-Polish artist Balthus.

23. no02-e1319002272291
Mishka Henner, Carretera de Gandia, Oliva, Valencia, Spain, 2011

23. Google Street View and the Politics of Exploitation
This article considers the photographic project ‘No Man’s Land’ by Mishka Henner in relation to images appropriated from the internet and a discourse I have called the politics of exploitation.

Self Service magazine
Juergen Teller, Kate Moss No. 12, Gloucesterhsire, 2012

24. Wooing the Spectator in Juergen Teller’s Photographs
An exhibition review of Juergen Teller’s provocative photographs on show at the ICA in London.

25. news_hondros-e1295832758775
Chris Hondros/Getty Images, Samar Hassan screams after her parents were shot by US troops in Tal Afar, January 2005

25. Photojournalism, Ethics and a Trail of Blood
A visual analysis of a haunting photograph produced by the late photojournalist Chris Hondros. This article was followed up by Photojournalism, Ethics and the Afterlife of a Photograph.

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