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Global Traffic

With steady growth figures, the Visual Culture Blog has an average of about 15,000 unique visits and 24,000 pageviews a month. The blog is read in over 200 countries and territories with a strong presence in predominantly English speaking countries. As a percentage of global traffic, the blog is read in:

1. United States 34.2%
2. United Kingdom 13.5 %
3. Canada 4.8 %
4. Australia 4.0 %
5. Germany 3.4 %
6. France 2.8 %
7. India 2.3 %
8. Italy 2.1 %
9. Netherlands 2.1 %
10. Japan 1.6 %

Google Page Rank

The Visual Culture Blog has a Google Page Rank of 6 out of 10 – a very high pagerank for a blog not associated with a major private of public institution.

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Partnerships and Endorsements

The comparatively high Google Page Rank is a reflection of our long-term strategy of creating partnerships with other blogs on photography, film and visual culture. Writing for the British Journal of Photography, JM Colberg from Conscientious listed the Visual Culture Blog in 10 of the Best Photoblogs. Articles posted on the Visual Culture Blog frequently receive links from websites and blogs as diverse as the Foam Blog, The Shpilman Institute for Photography, This isn’t Happiness, Poynter, Fox Nation, and the Danish newspaper Information.

Alexa Site Stats

With an emphasis on quality content and online partnership, we continue to reach new audiences and improve our site statistics as listed on

Social Media

Subscriptions to the blog via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, RSS Feed and Email Feed are growing consistently. Here are the social media statistics for the Visual Culture Blog:

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Targeted Audiences

The blog is targeted at a wide readership which includes photographers, artists, filmmakers, photoeditors, publishers, bloggers, curators, exhibition organizers, gallerists, art collectors, academics and critics.

Opportunities for advertising with the Visual Culture Blog include banner ads, contextual link ads, sponsored features and social media marketing campaigns. Inquiries about advertising on the Visual Culture Blog should be addressed to Marco Bohr at marcus.bohr(at)