Empire by Jon Tonks

This blog post is dedicated to a small selection of photographs from new book ‘Empire’ by the British photographer Jon Tonks. Please see my recent essay on for more on this body of work. All images by Jon Tonks. My essay on this work can be found here.


Konkurs by Miloš Forman

The Semafor Theatre at Dejvická 27 in Prague is the central location for Miloš Forman’s classic film Konkurs (Audition) generally cited as the first film of the Czech New Wave for its realistic depiction of youth culture. Forman is a man of the theatre: before he entered FAMU, the Prague Film Academy, and perhaps inspired…

12 Years a Slave - Lynching Scene 09

Steve McQueen and the Long Take

The attempted lynching of Solomon Northup is one of the most difficult scenes to watch in Steve McQueen’s haunting film ’12 Years a Slave’. The scene is deliberately intense in the way it is constructed with regard to its visual elements, the representative time span it covers as well as the way the different shots…