Deconstructing the Selfie

A typical Kim Kardashian Selfie, No. 1 image search result on Google.com for the keyword “selfie”, accurate in the UK as of 30 March 2014 In this post I want to deconstruct the ‘selfie’, not just as a type of image that is widely produced and shared across the world, but also as a philosophical…


Exploring the Visual Style of ‘True Detective’

Tracking shot in ‘True Detective’, Episode 4, 2014 In this post I want to address the highly mesmerizing as well as conceptually loaded cinematography in the popular TV show ‘True Detective’ directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga. This post was provoked by an epic six-minute tracking shot – appearing at the end of episode four –…


Empire by Jon Tonks

This blog post is dedicated to a small selection of photographs from new book ‘Empire’ by the British photographer Jon Tonks. Please see my recent essay on photomonitor.co.uk for more on this body of work. All images by Jon Tonks. My essay on this work can be found here.